Body Shop Newchapel

Body Shop Newchapel
The humble motor vehicle really is an incredible invention. With over 1.446 billion vehicles on the planet, we can easily take them for granted, but when we think about the genius that has gone into them, the speed they have developed and how far the technology has come since Karl Benz thought ‘why don’t I invent the internal combustion engine?’, it is rather mind boggling to think about!
Unfortunately, now there is almost one car to every five people on earth, the roads are getting rather busy, and despite some really incredible innovations, we still have collisions, bumps and road accidents and our cars still need some tender loving care from time to time! Here at County Coachworks, we are huge fans of motor vehicles of all sorts, and we are specialists in getting them back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. We are a body shop, which is slightly different from a general car garage, and we want to be the body shop Newchapel drivers go to when they have any problems with their body work or chassis. If you think you might need a body shop, Newchapel or elsewhere in the Greater London area, take a moment to read on and find out what makes us the best body shop Newchapel has to offer. First though, what exactly is a body shop?
Newchapel Body Shop
Newchapel customers who are looking for overly perfumed body lotions and anti-aging creams should look elsewhere, because County Coachworks are a body shop for cars! A body shop, Newchapel or anywhere else, is a specific type of garage that specialises in repairs to a vehicle’s body, chassis and paintwork. While to most people a body shop and a general car mechanic’s garage might look fairly similar, a body shop needs to be equipped with various tools, frames and machines that a general mechanic wont have access to.
Repairs in a body shop, Newchapel or elsewhere, are really important, particularly if a vehicle has been in an accident. Modern car chassis and body work are incredibly well designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle from harm during a collision. They do this using ‘crumple zones’ which are specific parts of the vehicle’s body that bend and break under pressure so that the cab and framework that holds the occupants is not damaged. If a part of the vehicle’s body work is not properly aligned, or it is not fixed properly after an accident it can leave the vehicle weak and exposed to damage in the future.
Your Local Body Shop, Newchapel
Here at County Coachworks we bring all of our thirty years of experience and all of our professionalism to every job, maintaining and repairing your paintwork, body work and chassis in our well equipped, local workshop. If you want to know more about our services and the best body shop Newchapel has to offer, make sure to give our friendly, dedicated team a call, or visit our website for full details of our services!