Car Body Repairs In Kingswood

Car Body Repairs In Kingswood

Repairing car bodywork often requires hiring a specialist. At County Coachworks, we have a team of specialists dedicated to bodywork repairs. From minor scratches to major bodywork damage, we can help to repair all forms of damage.

The benefits of car body repairs

There are many benefits to repairing bodywork damage. These include:

Appearance: Fixing bodywork damage can help to restore your car to its former glory so that you can feel proud of your vehicle again.
Value: Bodywork damage can reduce the value of a car - by repairing your bodywork you can boost your vehicle’s value.
Safety: Bodywork damage could be a safety risk if inner parts have been moved or exposed. It’s always a good idea to get damage inspected by a professional.

When you choose a specialist bodywork repair service such as County Coachworks, you can be sure that repairs will be carried out thoroughly and efficiently.

What types of damage do we repair?

Our service includes a variety of different bodywork repairs. This includes:

Scratch repairs
Dent repairs
Bumper repairs
Smart repairs

Our services extend to both personal and commercial vehicles. On top of providing accident repairs, we’re also able to repair damage caused by wear and tear. Get in touch for further information on our services.

Why choose County Coachworks?

When looking for car body repairs in Kingswood, look no further than County Coachworks. You can trust us to carry out your repairs to the highest standard. Below are just a few good reasons to choose our company.


We have 30 years of experience repairing vehicles. In that time, our company has gone from strength to strength - we’ve built a team of expert bodywork technicians and invested in specialist tools to help provide the best bodywork repair service.

Trusted by customers

We’re proud to have received many positive customer reviews for our service over the years. Much of our work comes through recommendations from previous customers.

Free estimates

When it comes to budgeting for repairs, we can help by providing a free estimate. This can help to save you money upfront.

Fully insured

Working with a company that is fully insured can provide peace of mind. At County Coachworks, we have full coverage so that you can be compensated if a fault occurs.

Paintwork guarantee

After using our paintwork repair service, your paintwork is guaranteed for 6 years. This is another way of providing peace of mind to our customers.

Courtesy car

If you need a car to use while repairs are being made, we can offer a courtesy car for you to use with non-fault claims.

Contact us today

If you’re looking for car body repairs in Kingswood, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’ll give you a free estimate and arrange repairs for you as soon as possible.

You can call us on 020 8547 2397. If you prefer, you can also drop us an email at - we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.